Kata Kata Galau Dalam Bahasa Inggris

Kata Kata Galau Dalam Bahasa Inggris hari ini galau rata rata orang orang pada cari Kata Kata Galau baidewei untuk apa ya untuk tambah galau kalai ya hehe yang lagi galau lebih baik baca Puisi Galau karena sesuai banget dengan judul nya yaitu rintihan jiwa yang galauer suka dengan kata galau silakan aja dech liat ini Kata Kata Galau Bahasa Inggris moga gak tambah galau bisa menghibur anda karena galau itu gak baik bagi kesahatan dapat menyebab kan sakit hati xixix

Kata Kata Galau Dalam Bahasa Inggris

Each of these lips I force a smile, my heart is getting sore and sick.

I'm sorry, I'm not the best for you.

Me and you are not a perfect human being, then we brought together to complement each other.

I smiled, but that does not mean my heart does not cry.

Now, time for me to go from your heart.

I'm mad at you does not mean I'm grumpy, but I admonish you and want you to mistake change for the better.

I am reminded of a former lover, behind which I can disappointments, there I realized that if there is no disappointment I will not know.

I always hesitate to pass from your side .. now I know ... love is not for me.

You would expect much the same, I fear disappointment, so please do not make me high hopes?'s Just hope you drop. '(

I d smile here for you, so you know this spy tough but I tried my little heart sbenarnya Fragile!

One time when I was gone, I want you to know something, if at any time until at heart I'm just you.

Samas is seneng You tell me and Miss you

Hey I'm tough here! Do not tough girl Mulu lo! I'm here waiting for lo!

You just give me a chance to know you, not to have you

You should know I'm here always waiting your presence

Help me dizzy with your attitude, I fought for my examination and I hope you can support me.

I learned a lot from each ksalahanku, there I realized that ill always what I want I can include having your floundering.

And I'm willing to hurt you because I love you too.

I never want to be pitied by you. To me you are a hr org see me brave, patient and sincere.

I cried. Again, I remember crying because you are now already gatau again for being: '(

I love you. One huh?

But that does not mean I love to go down too, right?

Do I have to give up before trying?

God send me good-hearted lover 

And I miss the days when you hug and you hold my hand .. : '

I'm just sad every time given the actual masalalu beautiful but dull because your doing already: (

Bagai mana menurut kalian denga Kata Kata Galau Dalam Bahasa Inggris buat galau gak? atau malah gak tau artinya ? hehehe silakan di comeng dech moga kalaian suka dengan postingan aneka remaja kalai ini semekomm